AMS Programme

The University has a special system to monitor and support the academic progress of all students. This is called The Academic Monitoring and Support Programme (AMS). The Dean of Teaching and Learning has oversight of this programme in the College of Humanities. 

All first-year students are considered to be green up until their first exams. Thereafter, at the beginning of each semester, you will receive a code with a corresponding colour to help you track your performance. This code is based on your performance in the exams, as well as the University progression rules. Here is a description of each colour and code:

Performance Codes


Outstanding Academic Performance Always strive to be here



Good Academic Standing This means that you are doing well in meeting the minimum progression criteria – an acceptable place to be.



At Risk This is a warning. You need to go back to ‘green’. See your AMS co-ordinator



Underperforming NO! NO! NO! Not a good place to be in. See your AMS Co-ordinator immediately!



Each first-year student is assigned to a mentor. You might have had a mentor at school when you were in Grade 1 or Grade 8. You might have been a mentor yourself! A mentor is also a student who has already successfully completed their first year. So s/he knows what it’s like to be at University for the first time. They know the campus, who to go to and where to go to for help. They also know what the challenges are and what you should know. See your mentor as a special kind of friend who can point you in the right direction when things might get a bit confusing or overwhelming.