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Congratulations on your admission to the College of Humanities.

You've made an excellent choice!

This webpage has information to help you find your way around and to get to know the different people who are here to assist you. So be sure to visit it through out your first year. Let’s start with a bit of information about the College and UKZN.

There are four Colleges in UKZN. The College of Humanities is the largest of the four Colleges. Each College has a leader called a Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Head of College. Professor Nhlanhla Mkhize is the DVC and Head of College of the College of Humanities. 

The College of Humanities has students on the:

There are six Schools in the College of Humanities. Each School has a leader called a Dean and Head of School. The six Schools in the College of Humanities are:

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is using other people’s words or ideas without giving them credit, so that it looks as if they’re your own words or ideas.

Career Paths

“Why are you at University?” Many students may reply, “To study” and that’s true. To ask a follow-up question, “Why are you studying?”

There are several reasons why students decide to study. For some, it might be because it was expected of them or for the pleasure of studying. But for most students the answer is likely to be “To get a job”. 

It is, therefore, important to spend some time thinking about what career you would like to pursue. This depends on several factors such as your personality, your interests, your values, your aptitude, the resources and support that are available to you, family commitments, your matric subjects and your matric score. The degree that you select to study at University should be linked to the career that you would like to pursue. In other words, your degree should be a stepping stone towards achieving your career goals. 

Some key careers that are linked to degrees offered in the College of Humanities are: 

Social Type

Prefers work that involves helping, training, teaching, caring or just working with people. Often have good communication abilities and people skills

Personal Characteristics

Helpful, patient, sympathetic, tactful, considerate, caring

Career Opportunities

Educator/teacher/lecturer, childcare worker, psychologist, social worker, community development officer/ manager, government employee (in any of the departments), policeman/ woman, sociologist, life coach, customer relations officer

Artistic Type

Prefers work that has opportunity for self-expression. Often possesses artistic, musical or other creative abilities 

Personal Characteristics

Unconventional, expressive, imaginative, sensitive, spontaneous, intuitive 

Career Opportunities

Architect, dancer, director, writer/author, musician, stage manager, sound/lighting manager, museum curator, art historian, journalist, film maker, photographer, print maker, television/radio presenter, publisher, sculptor, painter, potter 

investigative Type

Prefers scientific or investigative work 

Personal Characteristics

Analytical, precise, methodical, critical, rational, experimental 

Career Opportunities

Social science researcher, anthropologist, investigative journalist 

Conventional Type

Prefers work that is ordered, structured and requires working with data or information (including numerical information) 

Personal Characteristics

Conforming, conscientious, dependable, methodical, efficient, conservative 

Career Opportunities

Librarian, administrative work, events manager 

Enterprising Type

Prefers work that is competitive, business-related and requires much energy. Often are risk-takers and have good communication skills 

Personal Characteristics

Ambitious, confident, competitive, energetic, assertive, persuasive 

Career Opportunities

Marketing, industrial psychologist, politician, public relations, estate agent 

If you are not sure about your career choice, you may do a quick online questionnaire


You could also see a student counsellor (Student Support Services) on any of the three campuses. See page 19 for details of where the offices are. The student counsellors will also be available during the registration week to help you explore possible career paths if you are unsure.