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College of Humanities Inspiring Alumnus: Heading up Poultry Farming on the North Coast

After graduating with his social work degree, UKZN alumnus Mr Mduduzi Daniso faced the harsh reality of unemployment. Despite being among the top 5 district achievers as a Groutville High School matriculant and receiving an award as the top achiever in dramatic arts in the iLembe region, Daniso struggled to find a job.

In order to support his family, Daniso even worked as a taxi conductor. However, he had an idea that sparked a successful poultry farming business on the KZN North Coast. ‘With the increased demand for chicken in South Africa, particularly in KZN, I noticed a gap in the market for poultry production; specifically, to supply organic poultry,’ he explained.

Mr Mduduzi Daniso, proud owner of Nomalinge Poultry Farming.

It all began when Daniso entered the iLembe Chamber Entrepreneur competition. The competition aims to unearth the entrepreneurial gems in the iLembe District. He was placed third in the competition and is now the proud owner of Nomalinge Poultry Farming, a small but vibrant business in Nkobongo.

‘I come from a hustling family and was raised by a single parent. My mother never had a proper full-time job in her life. She worked on sugar cane farms but had to stop because of poor health. She then opened a tuck shop and shebeen. Everything was going well, and she was able to take care of her children,’ said Daniso. ‘Unfortunately, the business eventually folded, and she now works as a domestic worker. She is my support system, always encouraging me to push beyond my abilities. I am who I am today because of her.’

Mr Mduduzi Daniso was placed third in the iLembe Chamber Entrepreneur competition.

With his emerging business, he aims to address food insecurity and create job opportunities in his community and support local economic development and poverty alleviation.

Chickens being fed and grown on the farm.

Daniso believes that entrepreneurship was always his calling. He recalls selling sweets and biscuits in primary school to make extra money.

He encourages other young people not to become despondent because of their circumstances, but rather to embrace their challenges as motivation to keep going.

When asked about the plans for his business in the future, Daniso said, ‘We currently supply local commuters, but are planning to supply chickens and eggs to restaurants, takeaway outlets, schools, hotels, correctional centres, hospitals, bakeries and supermarkets.’