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Mrs Phetsile Gamede.
Mrs Phetsile Gamede.

Sewing Assists Student to Beat Depression

Taking sewing lessons helped UKZN student Ms Phetsile Gamede overcome the depression she was suffering through being unemployed.

Although she had a degree, she just couldn’t find a job. ‘There is nothing worse than staying at home and doing nothing except watch your friends and peers share pictures on social media of themselves at work,’ she said.

Gamede tells of how she found a tailor who not only made her wedding gown but also taught her how to design and sew outfits.

Gamede then decided to take sewing lessons and with support from her husband, Sanele, opened her own clothing company EPS Clothing and Brands Pty Ltd.

Based in Umbilo, the business now makes uniforms for nurses and doctors among other outfits. ‘I have hired people enabling them to now put food on the table for their families.’

Gamede decided to give back to her community by teaching the youth sewing skills to get them on the road to starting their own businesses. ‘It is important to find an alternative as a graduate and to grab any opportunity that comes your way. It is worth approaching government departments that support small businesses.’

Follow or contact EPS Clothing and Brands though their Facebook page.