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UKZN Academic produces book on Scientometrics for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor Radhamany Sooryamoorthy of the School of Social Sciences has published a book, Scientometrics for the Humanities and Social Sciences. It is the first ever book on scientometrics that deals with the historical development of quantitative and qualitative data analysis in scientometric studies. It focuses on its applicability in new and emerging areas of inquiry.

‘This book discusses the inherent potential for data mining and analysis of qualitative data in scientometrics. It also provides select cases of scientometric studies in the humanities and social sciences, explaining their research objectives, sources of data and methodologies,’ said Sooryamoorthy.

The publication illustrates that data can be gathered from not only prominent online databases and repositories, but also from journals that are not stored in these databases. With the support of specific examples, it shows how data on demographic variables can be collected to supplement scientometric data. It also presents a research methodology which has increasing applicability not only in the study of science, but also in disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Professor Henk F Moed, a doyen of scientometrics (formerly at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University, the Netherlands), said, ‘This is the first monograph on scientometrics I am aware of that is devoted exclusively to the use of scientometric techniques in the study of the humanities and social sciences. It aims to unfold the potential of these techniques to a wide audience. An interesting and unique feature of the book is the well-designed presentation of a large number of cases illustrating both the methodology itself as well as its application in the study of the development of humanities and social sciences and its numerous subject fields, and in the assessment of research activity and performance.’

The book is available from Routledge.


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