College of Humanities

Hardworking Humanities Students Awarded College DVC Scholarships

Three undergraduate students from the College of Humanities are over the moon after receiving this year’s coveted College Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship.

The students are Ms Tasmiyah Oumar, Ms Avuya Ngcaweni and Ms Jade Moodley.

Oumar, a Psychology student, was ecstatic saying, ‘I’m still in shock. I honestly didn’t think I would make it this far. My first year of high school began as a home-schooled student. Nobody could ask for a better teacher than their mother. But as the academic intensity was increasing, we decided that it may be better to attend a mainstream institution, Maritzburg Muslim School for Girls and then Nizamia Islamic School.’ Attending high school was challenging for Oumar but she prevailed. ‘Anxiety and other mental illnesses seem trivial to many and unfortunately, we don’t understand just how debilitating they can be. But with the help of the Almighty, I made it through each year, and because of this, my every achievement, be it big or small, is valued greatly,’ she said. Oumar plans to pursue her postgraduate studies in Psychology, saying, ‘Whilst this is not an easy path, it is something I’ve aspired towards as I feel the need not only to help others, but to create more awareness about mental health especially to rural communities. I pray and hope I can give back to the less fortunate’.Read Full Article


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