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Education Student Defies the Odds to Receive Distinguished Student Award

Education Honours student, Ms Zanemvula Duma, is the proud recipient of the prestigious UKZN Distinguished Student Award which rewards and recognises students with outstanding academic achievement together with excellence in community engagement or exceptional university service as reflected in the University’s vision, mission and goals.

This scholarship award is unique in the sense that it is based on nominations from staff for students in the University and is funded by the institution’s Teaching and Learning Office.

Duma is the first student from the School of Education to receive the award. ‘This award is directed at the goals I have,’ she said proudly. ‘There is deep meaning in this for me and validation in my pursuit to bring change to many lives. Charity begins at home and the world tomorrow, because we need each other as a global family. My family, especially my mother, is so proud. When I called her to deliver the news, she sang and cried with joy. For my parents, it is pride and joy accompanied by validation that I will achieve the goals I always speak of. I rarely ever celebrate my achievements but this calls for a celebration,’ she said.

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