MINQUIZProject Purpose (Vision of the Project)
to motivate gr 12 science students to take science at UKZN and higher educ

Who is the Target Community
 500 Gr 12 learners in KZN

What is the scale of the project? (How many people does it benefit / Or how many communities does it involve / any other measure of scale)
500 learners + 100 teachers + 10 lecturers + 20 students. Project is a National Minquiz and KZN is a provincial one–funded totally by MINTEK annually

The life span of the project: When did it start? Does it have an end date in view?

started in 1998 and run annually

Evaluated impact or influence, or predicted potential impact
more learners from rural areas are participating in quiz – more learners taking sc & maths 

What cooperation is there with other organisations in this outreach?
MINTEK, KZN-DOE and 300 schools

How is the research potential of the outreach being exploited?
through Minquiz National competition, TV coverage and newspapers-can guage interest in sc and career pathways

How many Students are involved in the Project
20 univ + 250 learners

learners aware of careers in sc and mining, learners take sc & maths, more motivation and interest by schools.

Any other info you would like to include