Maintaining Standards

Maintaining StandardsProject Purpose (Vision of the Project)
Evaluation of the standards of Senior Certificate examinations over the period of transition from the NATED 550 form of examination to the NSC.

Who is the Target Community
Government bodies, general public of South Africa

What is the scale of the project? (How many people does it benefit / Or how many communities does it involve / any other measure of scale)
Ministry of Education, general public of South Africa, tertiary institutions, future employers and general public.

The life span of the project: When did it start? Does it have an end date in view?

2008 – 2010

Evaluated impact or influence, or predicted potential impact
Impact on the benchmarking of new examinations and curriculum against previous exam and curriculum. Results of the study in 2008 were used to standardise results of the 2008 Senior Certificate examinations. 

What cooperation is there with other organisations in this outreach?
The project is organised and coordinated by Umalusi

How is the research potential of the outreach being exploited?
Results are confidential.

How many Students are involved in the Project
None, due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the research. Methods used in the research have been used in other research projects, e.g. Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Methods of analysis of examination papers and curriculum.

Any other info you would like to include
The reports of the 2008 study was very much appreciated by the standardisation committee. The research will continue into 2010.