Ultimate Quiz Challenge

Congratulations and Welcome! You've made an excellent choice!

Are you ready to show how much you now know about the College of Humanities?!

Our quiz challenge will push your brain to its limits and test your trivia skills on a wide range of UKZN College of Humanities topics. So sharpen your bright mind!

Participating in the quiz challenge is easy. Simply sign up using your contact details and student number, and start answering questions. You’ll earn points for each correct answer, and at the end of the challenge, the person with the most points will be declared the winner. We have really nice prizes up for grabs!

But it’s not just about winning. The quiz challenge is also a great way to learn new facts and expand your knowledge about your new academic home. Plus, you’ll have the chance to compete against fellow students from all our UKZN CoH Campuses and see how you stack up.


Attend the Virtual Orientation Days, this quiz will be a walk in the park!

Closing date: Monday 27 February