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A warm welcome to the College of Humanities. The links  information and links will provide you with everything you need to know as you start your journey with UKZN.

Dedicated remote Online Registration of First time entering new (FTEN) students on Monday, 06 February 2023- Saturday 11 February 2023

Step One


All StudentsCURRICULUM ADVICE for FTEN students Monday to Friday, 06-10 February 2023

Join the ZOOM link below for the FYE orientation . Please select the campus where you have been accepted to study.

Howard College:

Pietermaritzburg :


Step One


log on to register

  • Enter your student number and click on proceed. At the next screen enter your student number and enter your pin number. If you do not have a pin (i.e. you are a new student), then click request a pin and the pin will be sent to you on your cell phone via SMS
  • Go back once you have your pin, enter your student number and pin and click login. Click change pin and create a new pin, click Continue, Click on Self-Help registration, click Continue and then click on UKZN web registration



  • Students with no finance or registration holds can complete their registration on-line.
  • Students with no registration holds (i.e. RISK, document hold, etc.), but have outstanding fees, can provisionally capture their module choices on- line, and will be automatically registered once they receive the necessary financial clearance.
  • Students with registration holds should first receive academic and curriculum counseling, before capturing their module choices on-line, once the necessary financial clearance is granted the registration will be processed


Academic Monitoring and Support

(10 January – 27 January 2023) – At Risk Students (RSK1 and FPRR) + Readmitted Students (RAPBs)

  • RSK1 and RSK2 – continue with full credit load of 64 credits
  • FPRR + – 48 reduced credit load


Step One

Curriculum Advise

Please make an urgent appointment with the Academic Development Officer (click on the above ZOOM links) in order to discuss your curriculum and the probationary conditions that you are required. This meeting is necessary to avoid exclusion at the end of Semester two in 2023.

You are required to produce this letter at your interview with the Academic Leader/ Academic Development Officer so that the form can be completed and returned to the College Office immediately after the interview. The College Office will record the required probationary conditions and remove the registration hold from your record.

A copy of the completed letter must be submitted to the College Office immediately after counselling session to be processed and placed in your file.
This may include a modified curriculum with set targets, a reduced workload, participation in academic support initiatives and referral to Student Counselling for personal and/or career counselling.

Any factors or circumstances that might have contributed to your poor results should be raised during your interview with the Academic Leader/ Academic Development Officer. This will be taken into consideration when deciding on remedial steps that may be necessary in your case. This may require that you seek professional help and guidance from the Student Counselling Centre

Step 2

LECR Assessment (Learning Enhancement Checklist Revised)

During the registration process, you will be invited to complete the online revised Learning Enhancement Checklist (LECR) as you are currently coded as RISK 1 (orange) or RISK 2 (red). The LECR is a self-report tool that will help you to identify what factors might have contributed to your poor academic performance. You will be guided on how to map a plan to get back to good academic standing. The LECR is a tool to benefit you.


  1. Click on the link below to access and complete the LECR questionnaire. The questionnaire will be available from Tuesday, 10 January 2023 – Friday, 24 February 2023:


  1. Download and save your LECR by following the online prompts.
  2. Register to attend one online Zoom group feedback session. To do this, download the group feedback schedule that you will find online and click on the selected date to register. In the feedback session, we will show you how to interpret and understand your LECR report, and how to develop a plan to get back to good academic standing.
  3. Attend the online group session that you have registered for. There will be a group session held every Tuesday and Thursday from 14h30-16h00, commencing from Thursday, 12 January 2023 and ending on Thursday, 02 March 2023. You only need to attend one group session. A register will be taken at each session.
  4. The link to attend a group feedback session will be emailed to the address that you use when you register. Please ensure that it is correct.
  5. You do NOT need to complete the LECR again if you have already completed one last year.


Should you have any personal, psycho-social, or psychological challenges that have negatively impacted your academic performance, you are invited to contact Student Support Services (SSS) to set up an appointment for personal counselling with a psychologist/student counsellor. The AMS Policy makes it compulsory for students


You may contact the CHUM SSS administrator, Ms Vino Moodley, via email at

Or call the toll-free line 0800 800 017, Monday-Friday from 08h00-16h30


Note that personal counselling is different to academic/curriculum advice. Completion of the LECR does not lift any academic or financial holds. Please consult with your school ADO for academic/curriculum advise to lift an academic hold.

PGDIP and Honours

You may contact the CHUM SSS administrator, Ms Vino Moodley, via email at

Or call the toll-free line 0800 800 017, Monday-Friday from 08h00-16h30