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The School has 4462 (3554 students from the II system) registered students (undergraduate: 3635, (2815) postgraduate: 827 (739) [honours, masters and doctoral]). The School of Applied Human Sciences has 68 (54 academic and 14 support) permanent members of staff

The staff are involved in a range of exciting research projects comprising: race, gender and identity; research ethics including the ethics of HIV clinical trials; African indigenous knowledge systems including African approaches to peace building; child development; inclusive education; child abuse and neglect; child trafficking and social justice; psychology and spirituality; wellness in the workplace; and primary health care. The programmes offered in SAHS remain among some of the most popular at UKZN with the School being home to 9% of the total student population at UKZN.

The vision of the School is to be an institution of excellence in providing African-centred and innovative research, teaching and human service interventions that contribute to the global understanding of the human condition in all its manifestations. The School is a destination of choice for students and scholars seeking a deeper understanding of media and health communication, criminology, psychology and social work models informed by African and other indigenous perspectives; while remaining cognisant of the internationalisation imperative.

The School has several renowned hubs of excellence, clinics, and strategic thinking groups among them are the following: 

All the School’s professional qualifications are fully accredited by the Health Professions Council of South Africa, and the South African Council for Social Service Professions, and prepares successful candidates for professional registration (multiple categories) and the ethical and empowered practice thereof. The student cohort (first year to doctorate), from all over the World, are critically engaged with society. Alumni (Culture, Communication and Media Studies specialists; criminologists and criminal justice practitioners; psychologists; and social workers) are distinctly sought after. The future today the African way. The School is located on the Howard College and Pietermaritzburg

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