This notice is intended for mother tongue speakers of Zulu/Xhosa/Swati/Ndebele Only


Greetings students

The module called Basic IsiZulu Language Studies (ZULN101) is done by students who cannot speak, read or write isiZulu. If you want to study isiZulu you must register for a module called Introduction to IsiZulu Studies (ZULM101) which is done by students who speak isiZulu, isiXhosa and siSwati. The university does not force any student who is able to speak these Nguni languages to take the Basic isiZulu Language Studies module.

Students can take an isiZulu mother-tongue module if they are doing their first year (Introduction to isiZulu Studies-ZULM101 & ZULM102) if they want to major in isiZulu. Otherwise they can take Academic Writing (ZULM105) or Introduction to KiSwahili (KISW101) if they want to take an African Language’s module. If they need a Level 2 module, they can take Heritage and Culture (ZULM203).

Those students who are studying at Westville Campus they can only take Academic Writing in isiZulu (ZULM105).

NB: If you did not do isiZulu/isiXhosa/siSwati at grade 12 you should do an interview to assess the ability of speaking any of these Nguni languages. After the interview you must fill in the exemption form in order to comply with the university rule which states that all students must register for isiZulu in order to complete degrees. It is highly recommended to fill-in this form when doing the final year.

If you have any queries you can contact the following persons:

Ms S Ndaba;

Ms G Mkhize;

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