Alumnus Recalls her Life and Times at UKZN

Ms Precious Zondi
Ms Precious Zondi

UKZN alumnus Ms Precious Zondi, who graduated with a summa cum laude BA Honours degree in 2015, took part in the 2020 Accenture Rising Star Awards contest making it into the Top 5 in the Media and Advertising Category.

Zondi is currently working as an Account Manager at Initiative Promotions and Designs.

Recalling some of the highlights of her time as a student at UKZN, she said: ‘There were a handful of us in the class so we were able to build genuine relationships and the learning experience was really beneficial. I am a person who prefers to submit assignments rather than write exams and tests, and that proved to be a bonus.’

Zondi defines 2015 as her best year at UKZN being one during which she learned a lot about making a difference on campus and always being willing to learn something new from the surroundings. She continues to be part of life at UKZN  currently serving as Personal Development Director of the KwaZulu-Natal  Alumni Committee of the Golden Key International Society .

She advised students in her field to take care when making decisions as outcomes would impact on their future development and success. ‘Knuckle down and put in the hard work. Also try to build good relationships with fellow students and lecturers; it’s always great to keep in contact.’

Zondi urged students to produce quality work  within their respective disciplines, saying it was vital to choose an experienced supervisor who would provide relevant guidance.

‘My postgraduate year was to a large degree influenced by an excellent lecturer, Ms Luthando Ngema, who ensured I maintained the high quality of work expected of me at that level. Ms Ngema requires proposals or concepts put forward to be robust and that wasn’t always easy to achieve, especially in the first semester.

‘Remember, whether it’s an assignment or thesis, what you submit on that piece of paper is in essence a piece of you; a reflection of yourself,’ added Zondi.