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Highlights from the Chalkboards on Campus project.
Highlights from the Chalkboards on Campus project.

Chalkboards as Participatory Research Tool

Architecture lecturer, Ms Bridget Horner, has positioned chalkboards in strategic locations across the Howard College campus in a bid to understand students’ comprehension of the spaces that they occupy on campus.

The project, which forms part of Horner’s PhD research titled: Students knowings of food, accommodation and transport spaces in the Higher education environment, is a means for students to actively speak their mind about the spaces they occupy as well as their thoughts.

‘It (the project) offers an opportunity for dialogue; not only with the questions posed on the board, but with each other,’ said Horner.

The idea for the project originates from Candy Chang, an American artist famous for her participatory public art projects, specifically: Before I die

In Horner’s project, three chalkboards were erected in three different locations on campus; namely Shepstone Building, Scully Hall and the bus stop. The chalkboards will be up for five weeks.

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