College of Humanities

With visiting academic Professor Victor Castellani are Classics Department prize winners (from left) Ms Theshira Pather, Ms Saaliha Bassa, Ms Kajil Kara and Ms Nadia Inarmal.

Classics Department Honours Top-Performing Students

The Classics Department in the School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics (SRPC) recently held its awards ceremony in which top performing students were recognised for academic excellence.

Ms Theshira Pather was awarded the Whiteley prize for the top language (Ancient Greek) student going from first year into second year. She also received six merit certificates and two Dean’s Commendations.

Pather says she chose to study Classics because it was a great area of interest for her during her childhood.  She now plans to study hard and achieve good grades which she believes will open up a host of opportunities for her.

‘Relaxation, time for yourself and time with your friends are necessary. Achieving the right balance between work and fun is hard, but once you achieve it, studying at university and getting your degree become much more enjoyable,’ said Pather.

Nam Hee Ro received a certificate of Merit for Classical Civilisations: Ancient Egypt. ‘I took Ancient Egypt as an elective and enjoyed it thoroughly so I decided to add Classics as a third major. Getting this award means a great deal to me as I am passionate about the Classics.’

Ms Saaliha Bassa received two certificates of merit for her honours modules. ‘Receiving these merits just goes to show that if you work hard you will be rewarded,’ she said.

Bassa took Classics as an elective in her undergraduate years. ‘I was studying psychology but the Classics completely captivated me and I became obsessed with the ancient world and how they lived and worked. Now five years down the line, I’m still fascinated by it and I don’t see an end in sight.’

Bassa thinks the Classics Awards Ceremony is a ‘brilliant idea! It motivates students to work hard so that they too can be commended and be a part of the celebration.’

She advised other students ‘to work hard as it always pays off. Never give up on your dreams.’