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Peace and Justice for All


The Humanities Institute of the UKZN and PGF take great pleasure in inviting you to the GMK 2023
International Conference. The conference will bring together world-renowned academics,
intellectuals, activists, and scholars to critically and constructively reflect, conceptualize, and
mobilize for nonviolent peaceful change in a violent world.

Conference Programme
Tuesday 6 June 2023
International Youth Symposium – UKZN
Wednesday 7 June 2023 (morning)
Commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the eviction of MK Gandhi –
Pietermaritzburg Railway Station
Wednesday 7 June 2023 (evening)
Gala Dinner and official opening of the conference
Thursday/Friday 8-9 June 2023
GMK Conference – UKZN


Jun 06 - 09 2023


8:00 am