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MY UKZN MY HERITAGE!: The Efficacy of Student Protests?

The recognition of the University as a heritage for all the stakeholders (students, alumni and employees) is significant as higher education is currently battling with issues of funding and ensuring quality teaching and learning. In the medieval era, the University’s external appearance was expressed through its material heritage. The architecture, collections, and libraries not only served an academic purpose but also famed certain  universities for their noticeable holdings and outstanding built environment. The objects and collections that make up universities hold a wealth of information with the potential to convey a number of stories. They help form the greater heritage of the University to which they belong.

Upshots from a number of research indicate that university heritage positively influences university reputation, potential students’ attitudes, and intentions to pay a tuition premium as well as to recommend the University. Thus it is the responsibility of all stakeholders of the institution to provide a heritage-minded narrative in order to safeguard the institution for future generations.
It is on that note the Culture Cluster 2020 Public lecture engages with how best we can discuss ways in which all stakeholders can make UKZN a heritage by looking at the efficacy of student protests. As a result, the Culture Cluster under the School of Social Science at Howard and College of Humanities is inviting you to an important debate on preserving our institution as our heritage by addressing the efficacy of student protests.

  • Facilitator: Prof. Maheshvari Naidu
  • Guest Speaker: Mr Lukhona Mnguni
  • Respondent: Prof. Paulus Zulu


Sep 04 2020


12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Dr. Kgari-Masondo (Cluster Leader: Culture)