Peace Education Programme

Project Purpose (Vision of the Project)
Offers formal and non-formal peace education to students and local communities. Trains and supports peace educators.

Who is the Target Community
University students, community workers

What is the scale of the project? (How many people does it benefit / Or how many communities does it involve / any other measure of scale)
25 university students per anum, 40-50 community workers per annum, Facilitates a community of practice for local peace educators and provides materials, resources for them.

The life span of the project: When did it start? Does it have an end date in view?

Project began in 1998 and is ongoing.

Evaluated impact or influence, or predicted potential impact
The project has had several internal and external evaluations over the years. These have been positive about its impact and have helped in the development of the programme.

What cooperation is there with other organisations in this outreach?
The project has close ties with fraternal peace a and development organisations including Community Peace Programme, Alternatives to Violence Project, Greater Edendale Development Forum etc

How is the research potential of the outreach being exploited?
The work of the project has led to several conference papers, 2 book chapters and a Master dissertation in the last 3 years.

How many Students are involved in the Project
Aproximately 25

Several students who have been trained in Alternatives to Violence Project are now implementing such training in their communities

Any other info you would like to include