Economic Development and Tourism

Economic Development and Touris

CCMS has been working with indigenous comities in Namibia, Botswana, Northern Cape and Zululand since 1995.  Students and staff have worked with local communities in studying and developing local cultural tourism initiatives, a community radio station (Platfontein), in producing  videos on and with local communities, in examining issues of, land rights, human rights, livelihoods, community-lodge partnerships, art projects and in working with community-owned lodges in developing their marketing campaigns.  All of this research is conducted in conjunction with the relevant indigenous people’s organizations and, in the Northern Cape, in direct cooperation with the Department of Economic Development and Tourism.   With regard to the latter’s new tourism marketing campaign, we are currently engaged in developing a research proposal for the Province.  Over 140 students have passed through this programme, in which many of whom have conducted their graduate research.  All of this work is made available to relevant community stakeholders.

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