Undergraduate Study in the College of Humanities
Humanities at UKZN offers a wide array of innovative, enterprising undergraduate degree programmes which are in line with the diversity of professions found in society. The choice of study programmes enables students to shape their degrees according to their interests and career aspirations.

Degrees programmes in the Humanities, Arts, Development and Social Sciences are offered on UKZN’s Howard College and Pietermaritzburg campuses; however, not all programmes and/or subjects are offered on both campuses. Education is offered on UKZN's Edgewood and Pietermaritzburg campuses. 

Those interested in the Humanities, Arts, Development and Social Sciences will find many stimulating subjects which can be pursued as majors or as supplementary courses towards Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Social Science degrees. These qualifications mould students into well-rounded, skilled and professional graduates who are capable of contributing meaningfully to the local and global context. They also form a useful background for postgraduate study in one of the many specialised study areas on offer.

In addition to pursuing a general BA or BSoc Sc degree, students also have the option of studying a more focused or structured degree which has a set selection of modules. These degrees can lead to professional status – sometimes upon graduation with the degree itself, or more often, by providing access to postgraduate study which leads to professional qualification. 

Contact Information

Nontuthuzelo Majuqulana Undergraduate Admissions Officer majuqulanan@ukzn.ac.za 031 260 2610 Edgewood
Nancy Winfred Undergraduate Admissions Officer winfredn1@ukzn.ac.za 031 260 2094 Howard
Joanne Mickleburgh Undergraduate Admissions Officer mickleburghj@ukzn.ac.za 031 260 2032 Howard
Natasha Naidoo Undergraduate Admissions Officer naidoona@ukzn.ac.za 033 260 6245 Pietermaritzburg Campus (Education)
Rogan Joseph Undergraduate Admissions Officer josephr@ukzn.ac.za 033 260 5248 Pietermaritzburg Campus (Education)

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