Language, Literature and Linguistics
 Community Engagement Activities  Co-ordinators
Alliance Francaise Prof R Wildsmith-Cromarty
Alliance Fran├žaise of Pietermaritzburg Prof B De Meyer
Booktown Richmond
Mr Darryl David 
Counselling of Individuals Dr Leonora Jackson
Empower the seSotho speaking community
Dr Veena Lutchman
Institute of Indian Languages Dr Veena Lutchman 
French teachers in KZN Prof F Balladon
German film show for German students at Inanda Seminary
Dr Marion Pape
German Monday Film Shows at UKZN Dr Marion Pape
Hindi Shiksha Sangh of South Africa (HSS)
Prof Usha Shukla
Hindi Community Prof Usha Shukla
Hoofstad Skakel Cultural Prof Van Der Berg
Khoesan languages in Southern Africa Ms Kerry Jones
Language Centre Ms Jenny Kerchhoff
Stonebridge Cultural Movement Prof Suria Govender
Suicide prevention awareness Ms Lori Barausse
Saturday Drama School on Edgewood campus Dr Lorraine Singh
Reading Association of South Africa Liz Ralfe 

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